Poll: Jackson JS32 Kelly or BC Rich JR V Standard
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Jackson JS32 Kelly with Licensed Floyd Rose
6 86%
BC Rich JR V Standard with Special Series Floyd Rose
1 14%
Voters: 7.
hey guys im trying to decide between gettinga Jackson JS32 Kelly With Licensed Floyd Rose in white and a BC Rich JR V Standard with floyd rose special series in black. Which is a better guitar and what are the pros and cons of each? Thanks
Can't speak for the BC Rich, but I played the JS32T Kelly in GMG, and it rocked. The addition of a Floyd is always welcome in my books, though. I ended up buying a Schecter Solo-6 Radiation Edition, but the Kelly was right up there, in my opinion.
I'd highly recommend buying these guitars used as you will loose 80% of it's value when you take it home from the store. There's another thread about a guy trying to sell his JS32 Rhoads that he bought for $400 and looks like he can only get $140ish for it second hand if he's lucky enough to find a buyer.

That point aside, the I think the Jackson will be a little better guitar. They have one of the best LFR designs on the market and their necks feel good and unique. The B.C. Rich has a generic neck profile and reminds me of import Strats. Not a bad thing by any means, but to me personally the Jackson neck feels better.
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I have a Jackson JS30 Kelly in snow white (older version of the JS32) and it is a sick guitar. It has a fantastic neck and the pups don't sound too bad for being stock.

I would say grab the Jackson over the B.C. Rich any day.
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