Hi, I am the proud owner of a Mesa Boogie F-30 combo amp and the time has come for a new set of tubes. This is the first time ive had to buy tubes so im not sure were or who is the best option.

Ive done some research as in pricing, and Mesa.com has the tubes but are way expensive, is there any good online sites that anyone know of that sells good quality tubes, not made in china junk but good quality reasonable priced.
the amp i have takes 12AX7 (4) for the preamp and 6BQ5/EL84 (2) for the power amp. Not sure if thats needed but someone is bound to ask.

Oh, and as far as the bias set up, Mesa has auto bias so that wont be a problem.

Thanks for the advice.
dougstubes.com or analogtubes.com
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most people will probably say jj or tung sol. mesa tubes are just re-branded sovteks btw in case you want to keep a similar sound.
also a lot tubes made in china are actually not bad and some are top notch quality. most tubes are made in europe though.
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anologtubes.com has mesa tubes for a great price, exactly what i was looking for. Thanks for the help.
No reason to buy Mesa tubes. As long as you buy matched tubes you'll be fine. my order of preference is

www.eurotubes.com (not in europe)
www.hotroxuk.com (in europe)
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Quote by dsbcc
dougstubes.com or analogtubes.com

Have you dealt with analogtubes directly? What was your experience? I gotta be honest, I've never heard of them and their web site leaves me wondering WTF.

They've spelled Electro-Harmonix wrong several times.

Their Home tab either doesn't work or is trying to redirect me somewhere else.

Their Shop page looks terribad.

Their reasoning for people to buy from them is: "We Love Tubes" "We grew up using tube amps" BFD!

...sorry. I just was not impressed at all.
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