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To Heaven:

i like the vocal effect in the beginning, all the tracks sound well mixed so far and sound quality is good. its really atmospheric. now the vocal effect is getting kinda old though, maybe do something different with it? the acoustic solo is nice, you should mix it up a little and add some reverb or delay to it too.

German Arse:

You create really nice atomsphere in your songs. This sounds really similar to to heaven upon first listen tho, i feel like this one could use a bit of a faster tempo. and that vocal effect is in this one too.


I like the horn, definitely differs from the other tracks. I like the drum track on this one as well, but the vocal effect just kinda bothers me, guess im not a fan of that. i like the slight build up at about 2:30, again with the acoustic solo itd be nice to hear some effects on the sound. The horn coming back sounds nice with the rest of the instruments.

Good stuff here man, keep it up and try to continue playing with different sounds and stuff to make the tracks vary more.

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This is for To Heaven

The acoustic guitar tone is pretty thin. Did you plug the guitar in to record this? That tends to kill the tone. You should record the guitar with a mic for a better sound.

The vocals are cool, but they're out of key pretty frequently. I like the effects you put on them. It would sound much better with improved pitch control or some autotune if you're lazy

I like the concept of your music. Just tighten up all the technical stuff and you'll have something great.

I listened to Heaven...
Liked the mood it creates. Nice lyrics and vocals over what i believe is a hard tune to sing along. Yet the vocals fit so nicely.
Nice EQ settings on that guitar, I believe you have some good ideas in your head.

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks man!
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