Hey again, just posted a new song up on my soundcloud. Went for a more 'driven' approach so to speak and this was the end result - probably my best attempt I'd say at house music so far (well better than my previous...).

Looking for affirmation that the panning was okay as well as the overall mastering really. Any comments on synths as well would be handy .

General comments/criticism is welcome too. Cheers,

Ok, I listened to it all.
Really liked the progression of the background beat.
Loved the "Nintendo" sounds that I heard there...
I liked how you transitioned the tune using that spacey/windy sound at 1:05...
I didn't like what you did at 01:50 and forward... I just don't see those cuts as a natural part of the song.

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks man!
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You can definitely hear the influences in this one.
I have no real complaints about this or points to improve on, bar the ending which wasn't exactly to my liking.

I would definitely buy this if it were to be sold.