this is my not so new but new for me and in beautiful condition 5 traben tribal sun from roughly around 2005 picked her up for $220 when retail was $800 back in the day. while i dont know too much other than basics specs the only difference between anything i find online with reviews and what i have in my room is the nut is some kind of alloy instead of nylon anyway here are the specs
Body Wood: Basswood
Top Wood: Flame Maple
Neck Wood: 5-Piece Maple and Walnut
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 24
Bridge Design: Tribal Sun
Pickups: Traben Custom Combo
Pre-Amp: Traben T3 active
Nut: Chrome Plated brass
Inlay: Traben T and Abalone dots
Hardware : Chrome
Scale Length: 35 in.

as for sound this thing is a beast, lowest action i've ever played, longer sustain then anything either, plays like butter. She's got a deep boom tonality and if i turn up one knobs[since this thing doesn't have a manual and im just new to her and essentially just toying with it] seems like one of the pickups add its own beefy amount of crunchy distortion and she has the exact tone i've been looking to get out of my previous scheter and fender that came before this, but can see how it wouldn't sit well with most people but even with the possible distortion off she has nice bright sound, and is great for slapping and popping, as well as good for picks which i use, which at times is a bit tricky since the action is so low but just a matter of moving my hand a few inches. Only complaints i have on her is her weight, shes weighs about the same as a rickenbacker and makes me feel more lethargic in my standing movements and doesn't like to stay in the strap but nothing a set of strap locks cant fix on the latter, cant say i've had it long enough to have anymore discrepancies on it though

as for bass pr0n not too good at shooting it but here ya go


I have to say though, that sun thing is hideous. It would be so much more classy without.
not sure how i feel i rather like it, nice change of pace from my typical "black and spooky" basses shes that classy exotic chick at the bar of normal people, and pretty sure the sun and bridge are one giant piece
Traben makes a very underrated bass. HNBD!
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I think the sun thing is kinda tacky too, but it might look really good under some stage lights! HNBD!
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HNBD! The looks are a bit of an acquired taste, but Traben makes a mean bass.
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I really wanted a Traben Phoenix 5-string...
But I agree, the sun looks kind of funky.
HNBD though
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