so ive had this ibanez lower end model guitar and I like it but ive had to get my neck set higher or something like that done and sure it was only $40 but i still hav to get the nut fixed and they told me its another $70. I dont know much about fixing guitars but i well be willing to try and replace it myself but im scared im gonna mess up and have to spend even more money at guitar center for them to fix it. I really wanna buy a new guitar but also a amp and really the real tone of your sound comes from the amp not the guitar, so I rather buy a new amp. So what do you think should I have guitar center fix it or I try myself even though I have zero experience?
Don't go to guitar center because they won't do any better than you. If all you do is rip of the old and glue on a new then it's going to make your guitar hard to play. You need to be able to file the nut slots to the right depth and to do that right, you have to use a special set of files that cost more than $100. Most luthiers will make you a nut for between $60 and $80 and it's well worth the money. If you simply don't have the money to pay a luthier then buy a premade one and put it on yourself but don't have GC do it.
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i dont really know any luthiers where i live sadly so ill probably buy premade one