I just bought a minty 2 ch. Blackface dual rectifier minutes ago for $900 shipped with flight case pretty excited about it.
I know this thread might get closed since I have no pics or clips yet but, once I recieve the amp Ill post pics and clips for sure.
I just wanted to share this with everyone here
My gear-
Schecter C-1 Classic
Mesa Boogie 2 Ch. Dual Rectifier(blackface)
Avatar 2x12- v30s
And some pedals

For sale Minty Ibanez RGA7 seven string with tour grade hsc $330+s/h or best offer!
PM me if interested

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Congrats dude, hope you like it! I want another Recto, but I don't have room for another amp
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If you knew this would get closed, why did you post it? Don't post NADs until you can meet the rules for them.
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