Hi guys,

So I own a Line 6 POD HD500, which I run through a Tech21 Power Engine, which I love. But for gigs most of the time there are cabs already there mic'ed up, so to save me bringing my amp, and the sound guy moving mics, I'd like to buy a head or something to plug into a cab.

Now, I had the idea of buying a 100 watt powered mixer (something cheap like Behringer) and running my POD into that and then the mixer into the guitar cab. Would this work, or am I kidding myself?

I'd also be willing to buy a normal guitar head, but I want something pretty cheap and which doesn't really colour the tone as I use the POD for everything. Any ideas?

it would be easier to just buy a power amp to do that but heres the thing your tone will not be the same in either case going into their cabs. you could just use your cab for the stage and run a direct line to the pa which would be much better