Dear reader,

Today, I bought a new amp, the Blackheart Little Giant halfstack to be precise.
I tested it out in the shop, and despite it being the the first tube amp I've bought, I fell in love with the sound.

The only problem is, when I bought the head and the matching cabinet, it didn't come with a cable to connect the two.

The guide which came with the amp specifically said to use a non-shielded speaker cable. Does this mean that a regular cable, like my guitar cable, can't be used?

If this would be the case, I'll go out and buy a new one, but I'm not sure what to ask for. The store I bought is from is Music Store - which of the cables they've listed would work?

I really hope someone can help me - this amp looking at me, begging to be used, is breaking my heart!

Much thanks in advance!!

Please let me keep this memory, just this one ..
Using a guitar cable can start a fire, go and just ask for a speaker cable thats like 3ft and they will know exactly what you need
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Yea just tell them you need a speaker cable.
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It wont start a fire but it will **** up your output transformer
Yeah and if a music shop doesnt know what a speaker cable is stop shopping there..
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If a music shop doesnt know what a speaker cable is stop shopping there..


Also if they hand you an instrument cable and say 'this will work,' or imply in any way that instrument and speaker cables are the same stop going there. They're not.
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Unless its electronic drums.