Hey, I'm an acoustic guitarist and I really really like the acoustic style of music, especially for writing, but I'm lousy at texture lines, like Strings or Piano, and lyrical writing styles, so I'm looking for anyone to join me in writing music!

Looking For: Reasonably skilled musician, European preferably (Time zones and whatnot), someone who's good at writing lyrics

Location: Europe (This would be an online band, just a little bit of fun, possibility of earning some money from some online partner programs)

What I can provide: A lot of connections, recording equipment, guitar lines, drum beats, uploading sites, vocals (To a small extent), and a catalogue of different songs to cover.

This is just a little bit of fun, nothing overly serious, from working with people in the past I know how much it helps your own skills, and it's always fun to do, anyway, get back to me if you're interested!
What are your influences? because you'll never guess mine
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My influences started off with being everyone from Slash to Santana, but now, as far as this music is concerned I'd have to go with the likes of, as far as modern music goes, Fyfe Dangerfield, Ed Sheeran, Chestersee (Youtube, check him out) as the sounds of the songs I'd life to write in the style of, but for my guitar playing, I'd go with Eric Clapton's later stuff, Tommy Emmanuel (Thought nowhere near as good as either of them) and possibly a bit of coldplay thrown in, merely for their chord profession and lines, so anything I'd be looking to write would be along the style of Ed Sheeran, but with a defined guitar line, and possibly a piano and other instruments of the ilk. Anyway, get back to me if you're interested!
Well, I am from New York so there would definitely be a time zone problem, but this all sounds very intriguing. How experienced are you with guitar? Because I have been playing for almost a year so I'm not that great, but I definitely can hold my own covering songs acousticly, even difficult ones like Blackbird and Dear Prudence. I'm going for a Beatles type sound like in Don't Let me Down, possibly with an early Oasis Definitely Maybe type intenstiy and Johnny Marr riffs.
Wanna make this a three way?

Haha. I'm easily amused.

Anyway, I'm from UK. Musical influences of the modern era are Stereophonics, Arctic Monkeys, Counting Crows, John Mayer, Libertines. Biggest influences on my playing from the past are Rolling Stones, Hendrix, SRV, Beatles (to a certain extent) and other bands along a similar, albeit mainstream, line.

I'm up for acoustic or electric lines, and I could give some vocals a shot. I'm working on Handbags and Gladrags at the moment, trying to get that earthy effect both Rod Stewart and Kelly Jones throw into the song.

Anyway, get back to me.

That sounds perfect, to be honest, I think that the more the merrier, skill on a guitar isn't that important, as long as you like playing you can always sound awesome, but yeah, I'd love to work with both of you, I'll PM you both my Skype name, if you have Skype add me!