I am listening to the song and I think this is what is going on in the beggining of the song


btw its in standard and I kind of get lost after this part as to what is going on because when I watch the video of this dude covering the song he kind of does some weird choreds that I havent seen before, check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jft2cI60XMA&feature=related

Oh and that is as hq as it gets on the video, sorry . Thanks for helping me out guys!
Any kind of input would be great Is it in the right tunning? Am I missing something in the intro part? I know this band is not well known and that a lot people can't stand heavy metal cuz of the vocals and stuff, but I think these guys were pretty good and never got a chance of fame at all because they didn't sing in English. However, if they did I bet you that people would consider them just a cool as Testament , or Judas Priest.