Looking to sell 4 pedals
- Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer - $50
-Ibanez Analog Delay - $100
-Dunlop MXR Double-shot Distortion - $60
-Dunlop GCB-95 Cry Baby Wah - $50

Prices are somewhat negotiable and not really looking to trade but if the trade offer catches my eye then we may be able to work one out

Thanks for taking a look
Would you post overseas? Interested in the Double-Shot. From Malaysia . Please PM. Thanks.
It rules guitarists with an iron fist. It is their mistress, and it is their haunted soul....Kingdoms (of tone) rise and fall and bend to its will. It is the siren. It is the dryad. It is the beautiful cruelty. It is delay.