Currently, I've been experimenting with ways to get some more sustain out of a big muff copy.

I have been trying to cut down on pedal sizes, so currently I have three pedals, going straight to a Fender Super champ XD.

I am on a major budget, so don't judge my pedals!

(This is based off a David Gilmour(ish) sound.)

FSR Gilmour Strat - Boss DS-1 (As a boost) - Behringer VD-1 (Big Muff Copy) - Behringer VM-1 (EHX Memory Man Copy) - Super Champ XD

So, I turn the the level all the way up on the DS-1, and turn the DIST to 0. I like to leave the TONE to 10:00 for a nice boomy tone.

I then match the Big Muff's volume to the bypass volume, and it sounds good!

I was wondering, has anyone else used their DS-1 as a boost, and what were their results?
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I use a DS-2 as a boost for most lead work. on the setting that's basically the same as a DS-1.

my results are as follows: i like it. If i didn't like it i wouldn't use it. do you like yours? that's what counts.
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I did something almost identical (with a real Big Muff into a Crate valve amp, but the sound is probably similar), at least until I got my BB+ (now I use the clean channel of the BB+ into the Muff). It sounded pretty good then...it sounds really good with the Xotic booster in place of the DS1. What annoyed me about the DS1 was the tone control...so little usable range, so much thin icepick tone...
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