I recently bought some inlay stickers from inlaystickers.com when i put them on is there any way to make them permanent? I did some research and Nitrocellulose clear coating came up repeatedly but i am sceptical because some people have said it makes the neck sticky and hard to play also i came across tung oil but i don't really know much about it. so first off is it possible to make inlay stickers permanent/semi permanent and if so what should i do? Many thanks
I'm quite interested in this aswell. Means I can grab an Agile, and not have to put up with the lack of fretboard markers.
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Nitro does not make necks sticky if you bring it to a satin sheen and not gloss.

But since you are talking about inlay stickers do you mean a rosewood fretboard not a rosewood neck? When people talk about necks being sticky they mean the back of the neck not the fretboard, it wouldnt make much difference if you finished the fretboard.

However there are two issues here,

Rosewood is hard to finish, it is very oily and so to put nitro on you have to whipe it down with something like naptha first to clean it, fine if its the neck you are finishing,

if its the fretboard then its not really a good idea because you will have to deal with taking all the lacquer back off the frets after spraying.

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yeah sorry its the fretboard not the neck, so it's not really a very good idea. Are there any alternatives?