'ello there fellow UG'ers, this will be my first post on the recording forum, and I would love to get some feedback regarding my trademark Swedish Death Metal tone recording (which is really short, just for trying purposes) and how well it sits in the mix, well also would like some advices/feedback for the drum samples too.

I used a Boss HM-2 as it's the thing for oldschool swedish death metal, all knobs except the gain cranked to 10, in front of my 5150's clean channel, then line out through THD Hotplate into my M-audio soundcard (yeah it kinda sucks).

I used Superior Drummer 2.0 and drumagog for the drums, eq'ed and compressed + reverbed the pieces to shape the tones, and there is Andy Sneap's C4 preset on the guitars, as well as low pass and high pass at 90hz and 7.6khz.

Thanks in advance =)

(I know the catchy/groovy riff part is pretty much a ripoff from At The Gates' cover of Bister Verklighet, hope you guys dont mind that =)

*chugga chugga chuggity chug chug chug*