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I've Been Playin' Guitar Now On & Off For About A Yr Or 2. But Now Im Getting More Into It Thank God! I Love Playin Alot Metallica Stuff But The Thing Is Ive Been Reading Up On Things And Ppl Say Its Better 2 Learn A Song Rrreeeallll Slow Then Progressivly Go Faster. Does This Really Help?
I Start 2 Get Bored If I Play Real Slow But **** Up If I Start Off At The Normal Pace...
What Shall I Do?

Thanks Ppl!
Since you're new, understand this:

If you will keep typing like that, people, including me, will report you, and you will get banned.

And yes, practice slowly.
****, I don't have the patience to decipher what you said. If some translates it to proper English I'll help.
You have to play according to your ability. When I was playing Holy wars by megadeth, it sounded crappy the first time I tried it. When I slowed down, I was able to practice the hand motions more fluently. Not long after My picking and fretting had improved tremendously from where I was before.
Most people find that if you learn something fast and sloppy, it's very hard to make it sound precise.

Whereas if you learn it right, slowly, you can gradually build up speed. Play it just slow enough that you can get it right, and have good tone.

Your mileage may vary.

And notice something about this post: I haven't capitalized every word, and I haven't capitalized no words. When you take the time to write in normal English, it makes people more likely to respond to your posts positively. The occasional typo or mistake is no big deal, but if you put in a little bit of effort, it will usually be rewarded.
Practicing slow also allows you to realize and stop reflexive tensions that you won't notice at faster speeds (especially always practicing at your top speeds).

That was a big problem for me as I trained a lot of tension into my playing in my early years. Mainly in my upper body.

To train it out I might take a exercise or passage and practice it stupidly slow for 10 or 12 straight sessions (maybe 15 min. per session). I won't go above the slow tempo at all during that time even though I could.
Gradually, you catch and stop the tension enough times it starts to go away.
Practicing very slow like that takes lot of mental focus. But in my experience the rewards are huge for the long-term.
good luck
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with mastery of technique, speed will come easily


It shouldn't feel hard to play fast. When you see someone like Yngwie shredding and he makes it look easy... it's because it is easy, to him at least. Focus more on perfecting your technique and slowly build your speed up. You can't rush it.