I'd love some feedback on a new song I wrote recently called "Wide Eyes and Crooked Teeth".

Bloodied and stoned
Bruised up and broken, far from alone
I’m alright I guess, I guess I just need some sleep
I’m alive I guess, god just touch me I might just scream

Throwing up your guts in unfamiliar parking lots
You’re not growing up kid, you’re just falling apart
And I got flaws but you’ll see, the better part of me
And I got love you see it’s bursting at the seams

But don’t say anything, you’ll ruin the whole thing
But I’d say anything, wide eyes and crooked teeth

It’s my words that fell so hard
From my tongue inside your car
We’re going nowhere, but there’s nowhere that I’d rather be
And if my ventricles could start pumpin you out of my heart
There’s endorphins that are coursing through my brain
Saying don’t leave it this way

But I’d fall for anything, anything you see
Cause I can **** up anything, wide eyes and crooked teeth

God just say anything to me
'Cause I'd fall for anything, wide eyes and crooked teeth
Yeah I'd **** up anything, wide eyes and crooked teeth

Woah, first of all, great one shot one take video.
The lyrics are pretty sad man! What's with that?
Liked how you sounded with those guitar chords, along with your voice that fits that tune.
Left you a comment at youtube vid.

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks man!
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