Im going to be 16 and I plan on getting some type of electric guitar for my birthday. Except I don't want to ask for a expensive guitar, and I was looking at a Gibson sg styled guitar.

Could anyone give me some websites to look at or give any other suggestions to other guitars?

The Help would be very appreciated.
Theres a bunch of good SG copies. Whats your budget? I would look into a G-400 by Epiphone. Solid guitars for sure. Jay Turser makes some Sg copies i believe.
If you can avoid it dont get an Epi SG Special i bought it and i have regreted it ever since.
I also suggest an Epiphone G-400 A friend of mine had one and it was actually a really nice guitar.
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I've heard good things about Yamaha SGs.

They're really expensive, though, and they aren't really an "SG" style - more like a double-cutaway Les Paul, massively thick body and all.

I would recommend a G-400. No Epi Specials or G-310s...they play like crap and sound even worse. My G-400 plays amazingly well. I still use it a lot even though I have a Gibson...
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Are you dead set on SG, looks like from last post, they having a pretty good sale, Epi. Les Paul Custom(hardshell case), for just a little more, and zzsounds has some a little cheaper, just in case you were not deadset! Good luck!
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