Ive managed to get my hands on an old Maison LP copy with no pickups, and a set of Ibanez V7+V8 pickups for a grand total of 40 pounds sterling.

It had no electronics, but all the hardware is intact, and I have a spare output jack, 4 500k pots and two three way pickup selectors, plus an old one that was thrown in with the guitar. ive strung it up and I know it plays well, so all that needs doing is the electronics.

now, heres the thing; I dont want to use standard LP wiring. Originally, i was going to use a 2 humbucker, 1 volume, 2 tones and a pickup selector in place of one of the pots for convenience (a bit like Hetfields Iron cross guitar, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKUJtBO_YWA ), but now Im thinking, seeing as I have the other switch, is there any kind of unusual or different wiring I could try out with what I have?

Just to clarify, I have the following;
- Ibanez V7 + V8 pickups (four conductor, if Im not mistaken, so coil-splitting is an option)
- Two three way switches (and possibly a third, so its possible to go crazy with switches; Im not adverse to drilling extra holes in th guitar)
- At least 4 good quality 500k pots, and few more lying around, both 500k and 250k

And no idea what to do with them.

I was thinking of including a Master Volume, a Master Tone, a pickup selector in the bridge volume spot, and a "Spin-a-Split" in the bridge tone location, leaving the standard pickup switch location open for.... Any ideas, guys?

ive also drawn up this wiring diagram for the above configuration, obviously leaving out the second pickup selector. Does this look kosher to you guys?

And finally, this isnt my first wiring job-- Ive done up my Agile AL-3000 with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded set, complete with individual Push/pull coil split for each pup, as well as doing up a HSS set up with a 5-way selector, Master volume and tone with the tone acting as a push/pull coil split.

Any ideas would be pretty cool.