Thanks for your reply. I like your stuff man ! sounds a bit like Nickelback hahahaha

Very good tech and melody. The only 'bad' thing for me was your tone starting @ 0.27 it lacked some 'twang' if you know what i mean...

But this is nitpicking, you did an awesome job and i wish you all the luck !


PS: awesome sweeps ;-)
Hey Jaden, i listened to it.
I feel that the tempo is great, and you sure know how to follow that rythm.
I believe that your sound is lacking of that "punch power" that you feel when you listen to something and the lead guitar enters the song... like a punch in the face... maybe work around your EQ settings? or distortion?
Anyway, the rest is great!

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks man!
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Thanks for both of your responses!

Nitpicking is exactly what I was looking for so if I'm missing some twang or some general punch in my tone I definitely want to hear that! Perhaps I will try remixing my entry and dialing in some better tones.

Thanks for your help, I'm glad you both enjoyed my playing!