Okay so I wanted to learn the song Blood Meat by Protest the Hero and I have a few questions. I apologize in advance if any of my questions are stupid, I haven't been playing guitar for a long time.

1) Is the ver4 tabs the most accurate? It seems it has the highest ratings. If this one isn't as accurate, which is better?

2) If you go to the ver4 tabs, in the information section (Says difficulty, view on iphone, etc) the tuning is said to be " Half-Step Down [ D# G# C# F# A# D# ]" yet if you scroll down to the tabs themselves, the tuning is standard tuning but tuned down so everything is flat, not sharp like the tuning in the info suggests. So which tuning is the right one.

Thanks for the help.
Hey man,
Yuppers the version 4 tab would be the most correct one as it does indeed have a 5 star rating. About the other question, D# tuning and Eb tuning are very much the same thing, which ever one gets written down really comes down to whatever the tabber decides to write. Hope this helps!
tune down all your strings half a step down from standard. D# is the exact same note as Eb, so they're the same tuning.
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