When i try to play a lead part, i find that it sounds almost mechanical. What i mean by that is it doesn't seem to flow like the actual song. My brother says that i have to put more "soul" into my playing. As far as I'm concerned, my playing is soulful(my rhythm is at least)
What are some techniques/ exercises I can work on to make my lead flow a bit better?
Thanks in advance!
Ill give an example of what i've been having trouble on. Ive been working on I Could Have Lied by The Red Hot Chili Peppers and its that intro that i cant seem to get. I can hit all of the notes in time and all of that, but i Cant get it to sound like John does it. He makes it flow. When i play it, it almost sounds like there's a rest in between some of the notes.
I hope that made things clearer.
This is going to sound like an absolute load, but give it a try, okay?
Try thinking of that girl when you play. Let yourself get a little distracted, get in the 'I Could Have Lied' mindset.
Work on synchronizing your hands and legato technique. Already have your keywords here, check the stickies and hit Google as there's lots of good advice out there from many different people.
After doing that, do what the guy above me said.
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What they call "playin' behind the the beat" along with ChucklesMginty's suggestions may be the groove you are looking for. Try that nanosec hesitation on the first or last note of a good triplet (along with that judicious use of the vibrato) and you may be there. A little repetitive hammer on & pull off practice will tune your ear to the behind the beat thing and may help you along to that soulful grail you seek.
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Don't hold notes static.

I wouldn't take this completely to heart; sometimes you really don't need vibrato on a note.

Also, vibrato does not always automatically equal "emotion" or "soul".
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Just Youtube'd the song, and he seems to be using a fair bit of legato in some parts.

Are you having trouble with the notes that are on the same string, or those that are on separate ones?
put more "soul"

Rage. Seriously never take advice from anyone who brings 'soul' into a technique discussion.
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Rage. Seriously never take advice from anyone who brings 'soul' into a technique discussion.

Soul was probably a bad word to use. I meant more like feeling or emotion.