It seems to be a cranked plexi in a box. In the "PGS Smack down" where it was played against a real Plexi, it sounded fatter and more "Marshall-y" to my ears. What do you guys think? Any experience? Worth the $200 Boutique price?
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I've got one, it's absolutely fantastic. Nails all the Marshall-esque sounds, from AC/DC at around a quarter gain, to Zeppelin at about half, and then more GN'R/Van Halen kinda sounds from three quarters to full (I never really use it over about 1 o'clock though so I don't have much experience with these)

I think PGS has three videos for it - The PGS smackdown, the "zep tribute" and the one for just the pedal, so give the other two a listen.

But basically yeah it's worth the price, I love mine.
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