I liked the vocals.
Nice chord transition...
Your are influenced by Nirvana/grunge bands, right? Pretty nice sounds for sure.
Your voice reminds me sometimes of Mick Jagger...

Please, have a look on my video, and if you will, leave a comment at it?
Thanks man!
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uh not really nirvana but more along the lines of alice in chains and pearl jam, and thanks. I will check that out now
You've got a good sounding voice. I think you need practice controlling your pitch. It's weird because you have the kind of voice where the line between singing and talking kinda blur and it sounds pretty good even you're completely out of key. Kinda like The Pixies. Don't take that as an "ok" to stop trying to improve your voice though. Keep working on your voice, but always remember you've got a useful little technique in your vocal arsenal that may be useful one day.

The song itself is not a bad song, but it does sound pretty sparse when it's just you and the guitar. I'd invest in some better recording equipment, and consider filling out your sound with some drums/bass.

Hope this helps
hey thanks!, i know exactley what you maen. I normally record late at night when my voice is tired so thats one factor. nad i record on a rockband mic and audacity haha so yeah i probley should get better equipment. the song itself is a work in progress, its not ment to be an acoustic song in anyway. thanks though ill check yours out