Can anyone identify this guitar with its actual model and give me a price estimate on how much it's worth? The guy wants $350 for it, and he says it's a Epiphone Les Paul Classic, but I don't see any models that have that middle humbucker in it.. I'm supposed to meet him tomorrow to check it out, but I certainly don't want to get ripped off! If I could get an actual model name and a rough estimate of what the price is, I could at least go in knowing my facts. I'd really appreciate the help!
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How the hell would that be a Epi Les Paul Classic? That's an SG shape.

Either the seller is stupid, or is the seller is...stupid. If he can't even get the model right, I'm doubting he's priced it right. We need a pic of the headstock and serial number.
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Looks like an Epiphone G400 Custom, but I'm not sure if they made any in black. However, Epiphone always do limited runs of special colours.
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How the hell would that be a Epi Les Paul Classic? That's an SG shape.

To be fair, it does say "Les Paul Custom" on the truss rod cover and the pickguard
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Oh duh! Whoops! I was looking at the wrong craigslist page at the name. Wow, I'm dumb, or maybe just tired. Got about three hours of sleep last night haha. I definitely wanna check the price, because I don't wanna get ripped off. I like to play a lot of metal and whatnot. Think it would sound good and any idea how much this would be worth?
350 is a decent price, but maybe you can knock it down to 300.
They're well built, but I find the pickups a bit on the low-output side. If you play a lot of metal, you might want to replace the bridge pickup for something hotter and more articulate.
offer him 200 see if he bites...... I don't think it is worth 350 for a used epi sg either way you better try it to make sure you like it. I have yet to play an sg that I like.
I'd probably get a seymour duncan pickup. That's what I have in my Ibanez. They're nice for metal. And turns out it is a Epiphone G400 Custom. Props to you, sashki for getting that right! Any chance you wanna help me with another dilemma? I'm looking at a couple different guitars right now. This is the other one that says Epiphone Les Paul Classic. This guy's asking $350 also. Suggestions on which you think would be a better deal/better guitar in general?
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The Les Paul Classic, those look like decent pups for metal, I could and most likely am wrong =D, but the Les Paul IMO is a better then the fat kid... I mean the SG lookin thing.
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I think epiphone puts the same pickups in both guitars. However, I'd expect the SG to sound a bit brighter, and the les paul a bit smoother, due to the mass of the body. Also, they're going to feel quite different. I'd suggest you try out some similar guitars at a store before deciding.
I think I'm gonna pass on the SG then. Alright, so I'm looking to spend between $200 and $350 at most for a fairly nice, used guitar. I don't mind dings and scratches, because I'll probably do that to it anyways. I just something that looks fairly nice, and plays really well (like an Ibanez RG Series [which I already have one of]). I'm not looking for anything with fretlocking or a floating bar (like a floyd rose). If you have a recommendation for a decent body of a guitar even that I could replace with nicer pickups for about the general price range I'm looking to buy at, I'm willing to look into it. I play metal, but also funk, progressive, alternative, and standard rock. What do you guys think?
Yes ^ and correct me if I'm wrong but you can beat the shit out of a platypus with the three humbuckers (SG), where as you risk your guitar (les paul) to kill it.
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