I know you guys are probably sick of my "what should I buy?" threads, but it's hard to decide what you want to spend big money on when you probably wont see it again in a long time.

So I'll have a little over $2,000 most likely by the end of August. That would be almost enough for the Mesa Boogie Mark V, which I've had my eyes set on for a while. It would also be enough for a Peavey Vypyr tube 60, Sanpera II, M-Audio Oxygen 88 key midi controller, SM57 mic, and a little extra for a good audio interface or something.

I plan on making high quality youtube cover videos and maybe recording some original stuff and I want to sound as professional with as much capabilities as possible. I also want to learn the keyboard so I have really been wanting a midi controller for a long time. However I have also really wanted to replace my Line 6 spider III 75 forever too, and I feel like spending $150 more on an amp than what I paid for the spider isn't going to be that big of an upgrade, which is why I want the Mark V.

So what do you guys think?
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Always sort out your base rig first - ie. your amp and guitar. If you want that Mark V buy it.
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maybe try finidng the mark V used can savesome money

or maybe you could get a decent amp that doesnt cost 2000 dollars
with half of that im sure you can get a great tube amp
and still have enough for some recording equiptment
but if i were you id get the mark V for the rig first and sort out the rest of your stuff later
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you only live once, buy the mark v and be happy knowing you have one of the best amps there is.
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axe fx ii save 200$ more
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I'd go for the Mark V. You can probably compromise on the rest but the Mark V is a thing of beauty and if it's what you've got your eyes on...
I'd get the Mark V if I were you. It's a really horrible feeling, knowing you were so close to getting a piece of gear you're gasing for, and then don't, and then the money's gone and you can't take it back. It's an awful feeling.

That said, the Axe FX suggestion is also a good one, if you like it.
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Yeah, but I really want to learn piano/keyboard as soon as I can. I just see it as a standard for musicians and it is more straightforward than guitar pattern wise in my opinion and that's why it's also a standard for composing and music schools like people who can play piano, even if they know they can play another instrument.

I guess I can get the Mark V and tough it out another few weeks to get the keyboard though.
ESP Horizon NT-II
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Ibanez RG370DXGP2
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The one thing I am concerned about though is will it be too loud for living in a college dorm? As I will be going to college in a little over a year and I will want to bring my guitar. I also am skeptical about how safe my gear would be there.
ESP Horizon NT-II
Schecter Jeff Loomis 7 string
Ibanez RG370DXGP2
Some cheap Cort Acoustic

Peavey Vypyr Tube 60

Line 6 Pod HD500

Yamaha YDP161 Arius Digital Piano
you might want to rethink your strategy period. i wouldn't bring expensive stuff to a dorm room that's just begging for something to happen.

if you want to record vids then i'd think hard about getting a Line 6 POD or something similar. slapping a mic in front of a good amp in your dorm room isn't likely to result in "pro" calibre vids.

if you go the amp route then i'd think used. a MKIV goes for a fairly reasonable price these days and wil be just as nice of an amp.
If your going to be in a college dorm the axe fx recommendation is a great one. They are wonderful for what they are. I still prefer a tube amp for my rig, but if your planning on recording, and playing at low volume a lot, the axe fx is the way to go. The Pod X3 or HD500 are also very nice and quite a bit cheaper. They aren't the same quality as the axe fx but they get the job done.
dude if your in a dorm ( volume issue ) + want to learn keyboard /synthetiser as well as guitar .. i would go the P.A route so you can have both world into one set up .

grab a Preamp that has good speaker simulation ( think good multi effect like axe fx , eleven rack , pod HD .. or whatever suit you ) to play direct into Powered studio monitor / powered p.a speaker /headphone and grab a synthetiser /keyboard that will do the same .

all plug through XLR you'll use your P.A system for both .

just a though .. or if your in a dorm .. the easiest and cheapest way is going all software .. Soft synth are easy to find as well as guitar software( cough .. torrent ) . just grab a midi usb keyboard to control the keyboard ans studio monitor and your set up .

No need for a hardware synth in a dorm in 2011 .. as well as tube amp in a dorm is useless .

Go the p.a route or software route ( even cheaper ) . IMO a digidesign eleven rack ( around 700 ) would cover your amp need for playing recording via pro tools . and a midi controller ( novation or m-audio etc.. + software synth would cover the keyboard need .

if oyu happen to need softsynths .. i have a whole bundle refx vanguard , refx nexus , novation v-station , novation bass station , korg legacy etc etc.. that work in cubase ( i have cubase too ) .

another benefit of the digidesign eleven rack is that recording is easy through protools ( the software come with the unit ) .. no need to mic anything

you would set up a decent home studio

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