Ok so I've been faced with the decision of micing my acoustic guitar or running my guitar line in direct to get a good clean sound for a song I am bound to record soon. Which sounds better?
id only do line in if its live
and mic when you have the luxury of standing sitll and having mic placement and such casue it sounds more acoustic

ora blend of the two ?
micing is definitely much better, for anything. even amps should be mic'd ideally. also, remember to point the mic at the 12th fret, not at the sound hole because you'll get a lot of boom.
Yeah the option of micining it sounds better at the moment as its a recording, not live. Also thanks for the micing tip now I don't have to post another thread about that.
Possibly obvious, but make sure you're far enough away from any noise when recording guitar using a mic - some multitrackers and most PCs make enough noise to be picked up by the mic if you're too close. Ideally you'll be in a different room to guarantee silence.
If you have limited space, that is the main advantage of using the line in.
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Mic it without a doubt. Acoustic pickup have always sounded harsh to my ears.
Mic for sure. andif you have the luxury of 2 mics or enough time to double track you can get some nice results by pointing one mic at around the 12th and the other near the bridge. (also depends how uch space you have in your mix)
D.I would give you slightly more clarity, and a sharper high end. If you're worried about some notes not shining through or whatever, track both (mic and line), on 2 separate stereo tracks and pan each L and R.
You could achieve much the same results with just a mic and some EQ tweaking if you know you're way around that, and it would be less hassle.
Micing if you are in a isolated room with no noise, condenser is the way to go. Still if their might be an outside noise of some sort, I would suggest going from your guitar to a small mixer to your sound card. The clarity is pretty astounding.