I've been playing guitar on/off for a while now. I never got into it deeply until about March this year. It was then that I noticed I began improving, but I'm still not happy with where I am. I started off with playing simple songs by My Chemical Romance etc. minus the solos. I eventually got better and started playing Avenged Sevenfold, System of a down etc. minus the solos again, but now I'm at a sticky point. I don't know what to do. I always want to try learning a new song on guitar, but I get discouraged when it sounds like crap and I never have the patience to learn a full song because I hate how bad it sounds when I attempt playing it for the first time. Should I take a break from tabs etc. and get into theory, scales and so on to improve my guitar playing? Or should I just suck it up and try learning a song fully and hope that I learn along that road?


I can't even be bothered to learn a song fully because I get discouraged easily and I think it sounds like crap no matter how much I practice. How do I improve so that I can learn songs faster and become a better guitarist?
Write your own songs. And get some theory and scales under your fingers. I haven't learned a song to please myself in over 2 years. I know around 30-40 cover songs, but that's for my band.

Learn theory! It helps!
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same situation duDeee !!! it's a probleM !!! wanna improuve my skill's too !!! i'm sikk of this bullshits
Here's something that will definitely help you out.
Keep in mind that you will never EVER be satisfied with your playing.

Why ? Because you will always improve, until you die.

Now, it's good to think like that, however, you should also put in your mind that even if that fact is true, you need to do something about it. You have to practice.
//gay moment : Learning guitar is like an endless road, that you got to take.

Anyways, these forums are meant to help you out. I am personally here to help out anyone. I'm still a young guitarist with 6-7 years of experience, but I have achieved way more with my unconventional methods of learning ( which is the new modern way age of learning ) than most players around in my area. Even though I'm still not satisfied and I will never be, but a flawless technique can't be improved. ( not that my techniques are flawless, on the contrary far from it but keep reading to understand my point )

You see, that's the beauty of techniques, whoever you are, regardless how awful as a musician you could be, if you got flawless techniques no one can reproach you anything and you would be considered as good as any pro guitarist out there.

Technique is like your sword. If it's incredibly sharp, at one point, it will be so sharp that no other sword can rival yours anymore.

Then it's up to your hands. How will you use that sword ? Will you kill the enemy, or just wave it like an idiot and be killed ?

Same thing goes for your ears. How will you use those techniques ? Will you keep shredding endlessly and get people bored ? Or write a beautiful track expressing your true emotions ?

Anyways man, post some vids of your playing, most of us guitarist here can give you constructive criticism on what's going wrong, therefore you could starting working on those and improve, and repost, and we will shut up :P
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Try a bit easier songs.
Even if they are easy, play it with feeling will make them sound really good.
Good guitarist = good feeling
One thing that I find helps if you go through a while of not playing as much is to re-learn (or at re-try) songs you used to play. Every time I go back to the songs I used to play, I find myself way better at playing them, and it's a decent confidence builder.
ok i understund !!! but the only thing that i realy didn't know what it is !!! techniques!! plz explain me what's the techniques and how to have a technique !!!???
omg beginners its called practicing...stop saying im sick of this and i want to improve..if you want to improve PLAY MORE!!!@!@!@!@!@!@!#!$@!$%$!#Q^ATHHS%YW@YQW$

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ok i practice i i feel betteR !!! but i wanna feel more betteR by knowing thing about playing!! i thing knowing what should i do in the future make me feeling more better and exiting!! )
Then you need to learn some music theory - you're right though, all the technical ability in the world is useless if you don't know what to do with it.
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Hey man, i know where you're at. I'm a singer who had been strumming chords and kinda messing with the guitar for years. Guitar was more something to help my singing practice, but i loved it with a passion. Played guitar for 12 years and didn't really go anywhere with it. 18 months ago I decided it was time to learn the instrument properly.

I started taking lessons, found a truck load of exercises online, in mags & in books, started writing down all my practice in a diary and properly mapping out my goals and how to get there. I made sure it didn't get boring by regularly swapping the exercises I was playing & making sure all the exercises were musical (some chromatic stuff for finger independence/strength but thats all).

Happy to say its worked for me and i am finally starting to play some of the prog & shred stuff I love listening to (still a little bit messy but i am getting there). I've delved pretty heavily into the theory side of things to (helped that i had a bit of a background there) and have started writing some stuff and improvising. Its awesome fun, i highly recommend it.
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Then you need to learn some music theory - you're right though, all the technical ability in the world is useless if you don't know what to do with it.

So much this

Theory naturally leads to more advanced techniques (chords lead to arpeggios, tension resolution touch dynamics, and therefore crescendo/diminuendo/legato/staccato etc.)
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