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I just realized this was only a crit for the guitar solos. That makes things a lot easier lol.

I've gotta say, you are one hell of a guitarist. Your style is shreddy, but tasteful. I really like how you make use of the wah. Your phrasing was such that you got to show off your technical abilities while still creating cool melodies and that "epic guitar solo" feel. Great job! The only problem with your part was that it got lost in the mix and was overshadowed by the rhythm guitar/vocals. In fact, I think my only advice for you is to get a better band that won't try to bury you! That vocalist is driving me crazy!

hope this helps
That was awesome! I liked wah-ing bro! And some of those licks were really, really sweet. Kinda reminded me of some Atreyu guitar solos (Don't know if you like them, but their lead guitarist is pretty good.) I'd have to agree with AeolianInvasion, though. That singer bothers me too. He was a little flat, and really nasally. But your playing was very solid(A good bit more solid than mine, at least! Lol). Keep it up man!

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