Hello there,

I have been reading about and lusting over pictures of:

The Fender Toronado...

Such as these

Hard to get now it seems...
Anyone got one? Care to share their thoughts/experieces?
Anyone in the UK know where I might buy one?

I would LLOOOOOVE to have one.
My 72' telecaster is very similar but without the rosewood fretboard which rly bothers me.
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one of my friends has one, it's a cool guitar, and i also have a cyclone which was the other guitar released alongside it.

they are decent enough, but MIM standard series sort of build quality restricts their potential to be anything more than that tbh. If they'd made them a bit better quality i think they would've been a lot more popular than they were.

but of course sometimes a guitar that is 'decent enough' is all some people need

they are discontinued and have been since 2008 so you'll basically have to look at the used market and hope for a spot of luck.
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