Hey Guys I have little problem problem with recording my stuff. There´s always a little background noise there. I just can´t get rid of it, whether I use a mic or directly line in. I use the Alesis Multimix 4 USB and Audacity.I use a Laptop for recording. Anybody knows what the problem is and how I can fix it? Thank you guys
How close are you to the laptop when recording anything with a mic as opposed to having it plugged directly into your kit?

When you're using a mic, it will pick up any noise in the room and laptops can be quite loud. Try setting yourself up in a different room with cables running to your laptop - obviously you'll need someone else to help you control everything, but if you can't do that you will always suffer from this issue.
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Try running your laptop off the battery rather than from the mains. For some reason, the power supply interferes sometimes, creating background noise.
Thanks gusy but it doesnt work. Even there´s nothing plugged in my USB-Interface and i start recording there are some background noises.