I just bought a new guitar and now I think it's time to get a new amp with it. My budget is $200 though, what's the best amp I can get with this budget?
Valve or Solid State?
What genres do you play?
Used or New

Need some info here
for 200 your best bet might be to look for any used tube combo amp at a local guitar center or music store or even ebay. Other than that if you want a new one your lookin at solid state peavey series. Try to get a tube amp though so much better.
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Well I just bought a Gibson Les Paul and I feel my Johnson amp that came with my other electric 8 years ago just isn't cutting it anymore. I'm really just looking for something that offers quality sound over how loud it can go. I don't want to piss my neighbors off or anything, just fill the room I'm in with whatever I play.

Like I said, I've got about a $200 budget, maybe $300 if the thing is really worth it.

I'm a hobbyist and really don't have any intentions to buy a badass setup. Only reason I've got my Gibsons is because my father knows the head of the custom division for Gibson, and I was offered good deals on the guitars. So I thought I'd take it while I had the chance.

As for genres I play, I don't have a specific I stick to. I might play the blues one day, classic rock the next, metal the day after that, and finish it all up with some punk or something.

I'd prefer it to be new if possible, but if there's a good deal for something like-new I don't mind.

I live in Pigeon Forge, TN. Knoxville, TN is the closest major city, and I know it has a Guitar Center. I usually go to a local guitar shop though for my guitar needs. I know the owner and they can usually order anything I want and usually has a decent in-store stock.

Like I said I've got a Gibson Les Paul Traditional I'm wanting the new amp for. Outside of that my only other electric is an Epiphone SG. As for pedals, I don't have any. They were stolen from me.

Hope this was enough info, if you have any other questions that need answers go right ahead!
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Well, you don't want to play a nice guitar like that through a cheap amp. I'll look on your craigslist and see if I can find a good deal.
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the new vht special 6. its like 330 new but totally worth it. Just got one the other day for home practice and its really blowing me away. Also it has a half power switch so you can still get some awesome gain at apartment/late night levels.