I'm going to be buying an ESP LTD EC-50 soon but I find the clean tone too warm and distortion 'okay'.

These are the body specs:
Bolt–On Construction
24.75" Scale
Basswood Body
Maple Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard

I need the pickups to be versatile since I want to play music ranging from Santana to Slipknot and loads of stuff in between. Basically something that can do Jazz and Thrash metal.

I will be buying a new amp soon anyway and use a Digitech Screamin' Blues OD pedal.

An examples:

Obviously I don't expect the exact same tone, but close would be nice. If it helps, that solo is recorded on a PRS AFAIK.
Some Seymour Duncans or some Dimarzios would probably suit your needs fairly well. Maybe try to find some videos of people sampling the sounds of those pickups to see if you like the tone.

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I heard a few samples on the SD site. I quite like the SH-11 and SH-8. One thing is, I don't know how they'll sound in an EC-50 or if they'll even fit. :S

Discovered the SH-4 JB and SH- 1 '59. Going to do some more listening.

EDIT: So as a neck pup, the SH-1 sounds brighter than the SH-8.

EDIT2: Okay now I'm super confused. I know I wan Duncans. Just can't pick which ones :|
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