Hey guys,

I'm still working on my other band Sectioned's E.P (metulz) it's just taking time to get vocals but this is the work of my other band, We.

You can download it at 'Enter Your Own Price' on bandcamp:


Here is one of the tracks from it on my YouTube Channel:


If anyone is wondering, the photo for the cover was shot up the north of Scotland by our friend Amy Muir. Her work can be checked out here: www.amymuir.com

Any feedback on mix etc is welcome! thanks
Sectioned is literally one of the most played thing on my 12,000+ iTunes library. I saw "Axe fx" and was hoping it was you. Lol I'm SO STOKED to give this a listen.
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Wow thanks man that's great. The Sectioned E.P is out in a couple of weeks. Working on it as we speak! Hope you like it