its a new idea, but a mixtape that has hiphop and rock elements, we're trying to finish it by monday. we're doing all the lyrics now and here's one of my verses on a song. just so you know this just over one of the hiphop songs that we wanted to incorporate which is gucci mane's lemonade.

our group is called murda swag btw:

its murda swag we're young kids still full of hope
wrapping rappers lyrically, killing them with a pen stroke
mightier than a sword is our spoken word
if you wanna take a look
then keep your dirty mouth shush boy

lsd nicotine heroine dreams
i need a new addiction
like rhianna needs a new weave

i'm just a person with a home and a family
but in my mind there's no one home
just schizo-the-phrenic

the cleanest nigga here, a germaphobe
i do my best to make sure that i stand strong
but in the end you feel sorry cuz i'm barely at the top
but watch out nigga cuz i'll chop you down like a MACHOP

f*ck foxes, i follow blue comedic jews
kill bill o'reilly so that the f*cking fox'll spit the truth
when it arrives, dissenters will arise
i'll away their swag
and cut up em up with rusty kitchen knives

in this capiltalist society, where suits stand tall
you deviate from what is pure, you're pushed against the wall
through all my triupmhs and glories
i'm at the head of the race
but when you read their history
i'm in f*cking last place

alpha the omega's creating some new shit
he's prolly from the illuminati so show respect
(f*ck you!)
i'm not a thug
or another gucci wannabe
I just like to write rhymes
and create raps out of my poetry