Hey All.

I was wondering if anyone could help with finding out ehich guitar this. It was given to me awhile ago and i had it in storage but would now like to try and fix it up.
The guitar works perfectly, its just that i have no idea what make or model it is. I have taken it to a few music shops as well, and even they cannot give me a definate answer as to what it is. It says "Samick" or "Lamick" on the head and back panel.

The amp that came with it is definately a Samick so i am leanig toward that one but would like to know for sure, so if anyone could help it would really be great!

I have placed the pics in My Pictures as i cant seem to add them ass attachments.

Thanks alot
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Definitely an older Samick. Maybe 80's.
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Its a samick it is from the 80'ies i think like 87 I got one of those from an auction once.
I haven't seen a Samick with that headstock and logo for a long time. It came out when Kramer ruled the world with Eddie Van Halen's endorsement and everybody was building superstrats with an offset bridge humbucker; rather like this one:

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Thanks very much everyone for the help! I was beginning to wonder if i would find out the name. All thats left now is to see how and where i can try build it up again. I will try post a few pics later on once i've done the repairs.

Thanks very much again.
"To play without passion is inexcusable." - Beethoven