Ok I have a small room at my parents. I'm constantly tripping over my guitar wires when I'm practicing. The obvious one coming from the amp to guitar, then the amp to my pedalboard then there's the case of headphones...
Would there be any point in buying a wireless system for such a small area? If so which one? I don't really have a budget but I could try n save lol.

Well, of course there would be a point, but the wireless systems are fairly expensive. The worthy ones anyways.

If you only play clean, then you can probably get a cheap one and it'll suffice.

However, from my expereince if your signal runs through a pedal board you are going to lose a whole lot more than you wish - unless of course you buy an expensive wireless system.
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the only wireless systems that wont color ur tone are very expensive like 1000 and up.
and then you will be replacing batteries for the transmitter pack.
wireless isnt worth it imo.
if u still want it the line6 stuff or nady will be the cheapest route, but then again it will be a couple hundred bucks and ur tone will suffer.
save ur money for pedals or a new amp.
Get some cable clamps or zip ties or duct tape the cables to the floor. You really don't want to mess with wireless systems unless you absolutely have to. They're expensive, sound bad unless you spend a bunch of money, and are a pain to use.

Also, it would only reduce the number of cables by 1. You'd still have all your pedalboard and board to amp cables, and your headphones. This is not a good idea.
No I don't just play clean lol. So it sounds like I'm better off buying a new amp then. Awesomeness! Need a new one anyways.

Thanks guys