A Post-Death Metal Band from Dundee Scotland, heavily influanced by Black/Death/Progressive/Post-Metal Music.

We have recently released our first track from our new album. We spent a good amount of time and money working on this. And we're very proud of what we've come up with.

A nice easy to follow youtube link.

The album is set in an alternative universe in which the Roman Empire hadn't fallen and had continued far into the future. It follows one soldier who defies the powers of the corrupt Rome, and heads in search of new beginning. There is also 18 short stories accompanying the album.

If you like what you hear: Facebook

Also let me know what you think of the track here. I'd love some crits or compliments.
This is what I'm ****ing talking about! So glad to see a metal band doing something new. Sounds like The Black Dahlia Murder meets Opeth meets Scar Symmetry. I'm an instant fan! It sucks that you guys are so far away, because it would be badass to play a show with you guys. Definitely "liking" the page so when you come out with new recordings I can listen the shit out of them.

If you want to, check out the links in my sig. Our recordings are over a year old, but we're recording again within the month. Our new material is much more progressive and badass, so you guys should enjoy that when it's released.

Jesus Christ this is incredible. I love every aspect of it. Definitely some of the most original stuff I've heard in a while. I'm downloading everything you have off of facebook right now. If you don't mind, check out my band when you have the time. We just released our second EP and are looking for feedback. http://www.facebook.com/shatteredsanctity
Rather than starting a new thread, I'll just bump this one.

We've put out another song from the new album. This one flaunts our slightly softer side. featuring our good friend Sarah Coloso on vocals. She doesn't half let it rip.

Legion of the Lost: Youtube Link , the songs also on my page.

EDIT: I'm also getting round to listening to you guys' bands just now. I'm very much enjoying what I'm hearing!
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