Just got one of the Dunlop reissue fuzz faces and it sounds great! The only problem is that when I put my booster pedal ( a digitech bad monkey) in front of it there is a massive increase in tone and gain on the fuzz box even though my booster is off! Is there anything i cam do to stop this?? Thanks!
The bad monkey has a buffer (basically a tiny clean boost when the pedal is off), and the fuzz face has a super low input impedance so it's very sensitive to what's in front of it. The buffer is, as you correctly diagnosed, boosting the fuzz face. The easiest option is to put the bad monkey after the fuzz face. If you don't want to do that, you can mod the fuzz face for true bypass or use a looper to bypass it.
Thanks a lot - it makes more sense now. I might get a bypass looper at some point then.
Quote by WtrPlyr
mod the Bad Monkey you mean?

I hope so anyways.

And the Bad Monkey will change the tone of the Fuzz Face even when placed after the FF, although it may not make it worse. The buffer seems to tighten up the fuzz out of the FF, as well as take some of the high end off. Its a very small difference, and not all that noticeable, but if you are listening for it, or have the Bad Monkey on a TB Loop, you can tell. But at least when it is after the FF it doesn't make it sound like absolute shit.
Yes, my mistake. Modding the fuzz face for true bypass would not solve the problem.