I've been trying to learn how to do pick-sweeped arpeggioes and I'm getting ok at it, but the biggest problem I have is muting the strings. I have the motions down with my left hand and right hand but after I strike a string and take my finger off of it, it rings out.

Does anyone have any tips on how to sweep efficiently while muting the strings effectively?

Slow down and be careful with muting.

Use the palm of your right hand at the bridge to mute the strings and use the fingers of your left hand to mute the strings your not playing.

Like if you where sweeping from the A string and down, your right hand should be muting the lower strings you have already sweept and the higher strings should be muted with the flesh of your left hand fingers, if that makes sense.

hope that helps
It's less about muting, and more about the big technique it sweep picking which is rolling your fingers effectively. That means as soon as you hit one note, you lift that finger, second note lift, etc. Once you get good enough at rolling you should be able to play your arpeggios cleanly.
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I only know one or two sweep picking pattern that I do randomly all of the time. I've gotten pretty good at it and somehow I naturally learned to mute the strings without really focusing on it. Just take it slow and figure out how to make it sound clean.