I recently purchased a used guitar, which I absolutely love, except for one thing- I can't stand Floyd Rose systems. This one is a "Licensed Floyd". I was wondering if it would be possible to get it removed, and replaced with some other type of bridge, and approximately how expensive that might be?
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You would be better off just blocking it and tightening the springs in the back as much as possible rather than taking it off and putting a new bridge on.
Blocking them is easier and cheaper - unless you're really having issue with the sound difference cause by it (likely not noticeable at all)
Removing floyds normally leaves a big hole in your guitar - which doesn't look so nice
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Why did you buy the guitar if you can't stand Floyd Rose systems?
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Just get a tremol-no and block it up.

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what dont you like about it?
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it's possible but pretty painful to do. just block the trem and take off the arm
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