Hello all,

A few months ago I posted a thread inquiring about interest in the Schillinger System of Musical Composition. Enough people expressed interest to convince me to start a series of lessons on it. I considered first using UG's blog system, but I experienced a lot of bugs when attempting to do so, so instead I have created a wiki for the project over at wikispaces.

So, now I have completed the Home Page as well as the Introduction to the system. Although no specific ideas are presented in these pages, I sought to clarify some general principles and clear up some potential misunderstandings before I began discussing the actual material itself.

So take a look, and tell me what you think. It's still in "rough draft" mode at this stage, and I'm still working on formatting issues, so I appreciate any input from you guys. I would also appreciate it if you guys were to post questions regarding any information that was not made clear in the issues (so that I can clarify further, I hope), and to discuss the ideas presented there.

I will try to begin the first book in the coming weeks, I hope you guys will follow it! And, of course, I'll notify the forum when new entries are posted.
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I've been curious to find out what the system's all about for quite a while. I'll follow along...
Honestly, I'm very concerned about the word 'objective' being thrown around so much--I don't believe in objectivity personally and it is an over-hyped, fruitless pursuit. However, I'm curious about the system and I'm far from saying that I have an effective system of composition myself, so I'll follow this. Just keep the updates coming! Too many people start projects like this and don't follow through.

...now I've got to buy some graph paper... .
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The intro's looking great, I'll definitely be following this. The only suggestion I have is a small section letting people who are interested know how familiar they need to be with general music theory before pursuing this.
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THis is awesome man, I'm really interested. Thank you for taking the time to do this, I've been wanting to learn about this system but haven't found any decent resources on the internet and I don't have the money to pay for them.

I've been wanting to compose stuff recently but most I come up with is crap. Thank you again, man.
This looks good. Ive been waiting for you to update about this system for awhile.

Keep it up.
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Solid stuff dude. I'd follow along but I'm just so exhausted musically right now haha.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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One must have a good background of Henry Cowell to understand where he is coming from and I'm glad to have read his introduction. I'm not really sure about a mathematical approach toward composition but you know, if there is no disregard to true creativity, I'm willing to follow this and discover other possibilities. Thanks for taking the time to do this and if I learn a lot of perks of interest, I'll look into buying the book.
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If you want graphic softwares, look for one called Autograph (not free), I used it for my HL Math IB investigation and it was effective and easy to use.

There is also one called Geogebra (free) which is much simpler and easier to use than Autograph, however, I'm not sure how useful would it be to you. Try it first, if you don't like it, try Autograph.

Good Luck, and thank you for doing this, I'll be following this closely.
Yup, bookmarked. I am very interested to see how this goes.
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