Hey everyone! Honeybjorn, a groove/progressive/"djent" metal solo project formed by myself is no longer going to be solo! I'm not looking to play live just yet, so it doesn't matter where you're from. Just check out my music as of yet, and if you're interested, just make sure you meet the following criteria and I'll consider you! :

1. Must play guitar,bass, drums or perform vocals (singing or harsh)
2. Must be able to write music in some way to contribute sharing ideas
3. Must have a copy of Guitar Pro 5 to share said ideas in tab form.
4. Must be able to record tracks

If you follow these criteria, then feel free to send an audition! If accepted, I'll quickly credit you as a new member. Being able to produce is not necessary, so long that you can record the tracks, I can do all of the mixing.

Contact me at: Jeff.Berridge@hotmail.com