I havta sell my Epi G-400 n it has a hardshell case. Ive had it on craigslist fr a while n only a few replys but no serious buyers. its in great shape n im asking $200, that to much?
that depends on where you live...
here in utah i hve to sell crap at like 60-70% off for it to sell. It blows man.

Back when I was in california if it was like 30-50 %off retail it was gone in a day.
Have you tried ebay? That's always a good way to sell equipment, there's 1,000s (possibly millions) of people looking on there every day.

Also, I don't know if you can do this on craigslist, but on ebay you can search for 'Completed Listings' so you can tell if you're asking the right price or not.
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obviously you arent in my area because i was actually just looking for one of those...damn....bought an acoustic instead, but i was looking at around 200 for exactly what you're selling...
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Try kijiji. I dunno where your at, but kijiji has 900+ guitars here.
Craigslist has less then 20. I buy and sell stuff on kijiji all the time.
Its also set up alot better then craigslist.
ebay is the way to go, never had a problem selling on there