I'm looking for a nice mic that I can use to mic my amp for live uses but something I can also use to mic my bongo cajon when I record.

Budget is $200
Cajons are hard to mic with only one mic. To do it well you'll need one mic on the front and one in the hole in the back. Otherwise you're missing out on either the low end sound or the crack from the snare.

A decent start would be an sm57. They're good for amps and I've had good results using them as a "snare" mic on cajons. After that I'd look for a good kick drum mic to use for the back. I'm sure you can find something that's within your budget especially if you buy used, but if you saved a little more and went for a Beta 52 or something similar you'd be much better off.

EDIT: My apologies, you have a bongo cajon? As in the short long one not the tall boxy one right? Well I'm not sure how those sound, but if they still have a "kick" and "snare" sound, you'll need two mics. If it's just the snare sounds, you can probably get by with just a 57.
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Recording vocals with it too?

Any of them would be fine. You can find them at GC for around $10 or pay more for a slightly more durable one.