I have just started practicing sweep picking, just some exercises. I wonder if some of you UGs have a good song or solo that contains sweep picking, but I've just started sweep picking so don't suggest somethin' like an impossible Steve Vai solo or something.
All genres are welcome, but metal is the best.

Michael Angelo- No boundaries
Jason Becker- Perpetual Burn
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Id say burning the masses-nail gun massacre. its hard but not impossible.

Also the sweeping part in under the influence by rusty cooley is great practice.

Edit: also smoke and mirrors by symphony x
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This Godless Endeavour is good. Even though there's no way you could play them at tempo if you aren't a vet, they make great exercises.
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There is a whole thread of songs and exercises, go there.
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Well if you're just beginning sweeping, then you should start with 3 string sweeps, generally they're easier than 5-6 string ones.
Anyway a few example of songs with such patterns;
CoB- Towards Dead End (intro)
CoB- Silent Night Bodom Night (the part after 1min4secs)
Testament- Burnt offerings (solo)
Atreyu - Bleeding Mascara

It's a damn terrible song but the sweeps at the start are pretty basic and easy shapes.
Scar Symmetry - Holographic Universe, that's a pretty badass sweep-solo
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i started with 3 string sweeps. The song that taught me that was leper messiah from metallica, the start of the solo.
the solo from eye of the storm by bullet for my valentine...basically tought me how to sweep. very simple shapes
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Beyond the Dark Sun - Wintersun.

Also check the sticky, there's tons of songs. There's also an entire collection of guitar exercises for all techniques stickied as well.
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