Hello, Just joined the forum and this be my 1st post. Ive just recently began learning to play. I am considering buying a discontiniued brand new Ibanez ART600 for $269. Based on what it was selling for it appears to be a great deal. Please share your expiriences with this guitar. Good or Bad.... Thank You.

I am actually considering starting a collection of guitars now.
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I haven't played that specific model, but I've played several other of the Ibanez ArtCore series and I love them all. They are unusually good guitars for their price.
take it!!! for the love of god take it.
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I named my guitar after my GF once... It was tempremental, the neck was too fat, and I couldn't turn down the volume, just like her...
I've always though the Artcores were rather nice for what they cost. That price seems pretty about where it should be, considering they sell for $500 new online.
meh, played some of the artcore guitars. the lp copies seemed to be made shoddy compared to their similarly priced counter parts, and the pickups scream hair metal, and only hair metal.