I bought a fuzz factory, but I don't really know what to do with it properly. I don't quite understand how people like Matt Bellamy seem to get these amazing sounds out of this little silver box. I've tried fiddling about with it a bit but I haven't managed to get any really good sounds out of it. Any suggested settings?

Ohhhh my gawd I want one so badly!! Yeah, I've heard they can be quite difficult to figure out at first, but once you get the hang of it, you can really get some amazing tones with it! And try the settings that people recommend on here: http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/tonefreaks/82613-fuzz-factory.html

P.S. There's so much more to Matt Bellamy's settings..god knows what rigs his guitar goes through :P
You're not supposed to get good sounds out of it. You're supposed to make loud, obnoxious, eviction-inducing noises with it.

Honestly, that's the reason I've never had one. They're awesome to mess with while you're not actually playing notes, but if you were looking to have a fuzz where you're not actively messing with the knobs while you play, you want something else. They are certainly hard to work with, I'd give it a week before deciding it's not worth it - but don't feel bad if you do.
Thanks guys I'll give some of those settings a go and see if I can work out which settings I like
You are finding out that they are pretty much just toys/noise makers. There are a few usable setting but you have to really sit down with it and find them. I had one a few years ago on my board and some guy hit it while playing a bar and it was making some awful noise. I had to just turn it off as I couldn't get it back to where it was. Last time I used it. I don't really understand the fascination with these things. I guess it's just not a pedal for me.
Fun fact: if you want to tame over the top ff sounds, youmight have to use your guitar's tone and especially its volume knob in addition to the billion knobs on the actual pedal.

I agree that zvex stuff is ridiculously priced for what it is, and that most of the mileage from their fuzz pedals is going to be insane noise instead of "traditional" fuzz, but there is a fuzz face burried under all that, so you can get fuzz face sounds.
A more tame version of the Fuzz Factory would be the Woolly Mammoth, which sounds great with guitar even though it's designed for bass (although you may want to change the in/out caps).
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just google fuzz factory settings
I just get standard fuzz from it, can do velcro also
There are a ton of settings available with all the knobs
Quote by Emperor's Child
A more tame version of the Fuzz Factory would be the Woolly Mammoth, which sounds great with guitar even though it's designed for bass (although you may want to change the in/out caps).

I'd also say the mastotron is a pretty good choice for a less peircing type but still very fuzzy fuzz pedal. Then again, i can tell this pedal really isn't for everyone though which i suppose applies to a lot of the zvex gear. The mastotron is pretty cheap, and the advantage that i've noticed is that it can be used in conjunction with a big muff (and probably other fuzzes too) to get good sounds. The downside is it's pretty scooped in the midrange but i can still get it to work in my band providing my other guitar player isn't overwhelmingly midrangey and loud too.

Of course, that pedal and the wooly mammoth are both very bassy unless you turn the 'sub' switch lower. But either way, their character is generally bass heavy so if someone loved a fuzz factory tone then they'd be better off getting that than any of these even if they're 'tamer' to an extent they are still different beasts.