I've seen so many awesome players around with fender straps, and even this one guy with a "high-voltage" strap. I was just wondering what guitar strap I should buy to help my playing, I play mainly blues and punk stuff.

Thanks heaps
I heard leather ones are nice.

Where's Waldo?

How about whichever one you like. If you want to wear a Fender strap with a Gibson guitar, go for it, however ironically hilarious it may be.

Broader straps are generally going to distribute the weight better, so if you have a super-heavy guitar (like a Les Paul), getting a 1-inch strap may not be a great decision. Other than that, do whatever you please. It's kinda pathetic that you're posting a thread about something this minor. Get some self-confidence bro.

EDIT: Can't believe I missed a great opportunity to sarcasm the hell out of you. "Yeah, Fender straps are great, but studded ones totally add gain to your tone. Soft leather makes it sound acoustic. What? No, forget about your amp. That doesn't do anything."
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TThis is purely personal preference- the only way it will help your playing is if you're comfortable. Find one which you are comfortable with, nobody else can help you with that.
If it pleases you to know, I always use padded leather straps on all my guitars.
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