So I've been out of the loop for awhile and just curious to what the consensus is on the best entry-level 8-strings are.

Last time I was here it was basically Agile Interceptors (or intrepids, can't recall), the Schecter 8's and at the time the non-prestige RG8 had just come out (but had bridge problems! Screws on the low B stripping or something).

Anyways I'm keen on finding one for a good price, but there's really only one shop in my city (L&M) and they have the new RG8 on their site but I doubt they're in stock... I'm off on a tangent though so just tell me all the cool new stuff.

Agile http://www.rondomusic.com/8StringGuitars.html

* edit: sorry, I did not read your post at all.
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I know Schecter has the Omen 8 and Damien Elite 8 that are very low priced for 8's. but their quality is very good for the price.
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New LTD SC208, thats about it

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New LTD SC208, thats about it

I've always liked the SC series but I CAN NOT BELIEVE they would build an 8-string with a 25.5" scale!

The Omen-8 on the other hand looks like a pretty good deal. I can live without particularly great pickups and personally prefer that dark "vampire cherry" stain colour to the Damiens QM or gloss black top.

Thanks bros.